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Conformable Wearable Electrodes: From Fabrication to Electrophysiological Assessment

HumanInsight Conformable Wearable Electrodes: From Fabrication to Electrophysiological Assessment

J Vis Exp. 2022 Jul 22;(185). doi: 10.3791/63204.


Wearable electronic devices are becoming key players in monitoring the body signals predominantly altered during physical activity tracking. Considering the growing interest in telemedicine and personalized care driven by the rise of the Internet of Things era, wearable sensors have expanded their field of application into healthcare. To ensure the collection of clinically relevant data, these devices need to establish conformable interfaces with the human body to provide high-signal-quality recordings and long-term operation. To this end, this paper presents a method to easily fabricate conformable thin tattoo- and soft textile-based sensors for their application as wearable organic electronic devices in a broad spectrum of surface electrophysiological recordings. The sensors are developed through a cost-effective and scalable process of cutaneous electrode patterning using poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-poly(styrenesulfonate) (PEDOT:PSS), the most popular conductive polymer in bioelectronics, on off-the-shelf, wearable substrates. This paper presents key steps in electrode characterization through impedance spectroscopy to investigate their performance in signal transduction when coupled with the skin. Comparative studies are required to position the performance of novel sensors with respect to the clinical gold standard. To validate the fabricated sensors' performance, this protocol shows how to perform various biosignal recordings from different configurations through a user-friendly and portable electronic setup in a laboratory environment. This methods paper will allow multiple experimental initiatives to advance the current state of the art in wearable sensors for human body health monitoring.

PMID:35938793 | DOI:10.3791/63204

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