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Quadrature transceive wireless coil: Design concept and application for bilateral breast MRI at 1.5 T

HumanInsight Quadrature transceive wireless coil: Design concept and application for bilateral breast MRI at 1.5 T

Magn Reson Med. 2022 Nov 6. doi: 10.1002/mrm.29507. Online ahead of print.


PURPOSE: Development of a novel quadrature inductively driven transceive wireless coil for breast MRI at 1.5 T.

METHODS: A quadrature wireless coil (HHMM-coil) design has been developed as a combination of two linearly polarized coils: a pair of 'metasolenoid' coils (MM-coil) and a pair of Helmholtz-type coils (HH-coil). The MM-coil consisted of an array of split-loop resonators. The HH-coil design included two electrically connected flat spirals. All the wireless coils were coupled to a whole-body birdcage coil. The HHMM-coil was studied and compared to the linear coils in terms of transmit and SAR efficiencies via numerical simulations. A prototype of HHMM-coil was built and tested on a 1.5 T scanner in a phantom and healthy volunteer. We also proposed an extended design of the HHMM-coil and compared its performance to a dedicated breast array.

RESULTS: Numerical simulations of the HHMM-coil with a female voxel model have shown more than a 2.5-fold increase in transmit efficiency and a 1.7-fold enhancement of SAR efficiency compared to the linearly polarized coils. Phantom and in vivo imaging showed good agreement with the numerical simulations. Moreover, the HHMM-coil provided good image quality, visualizing all areas of interest similar to a multichannel breast array with a 32% reduction in signal-to-noise ratio.

CONCLUSION: The proposed quadrature HHMM-coil allows the

B1+$$ {mathrm{B}}_1^{+} $$

-field to be significantly better focused in the region-of-interest compared to the linearly polarized coils. Thus, the HHMM-coil provides high-quality breast imaging on a 1.5 T scanner using a whole-body birdcage coil for transmit and receive.

PMID:36336799 | DOI:10.1002/mrm.29507

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