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Non-contact Quantification of Jugular Venous Pulse Waveforms from Skin Displacements.

Non-contact Quantification of Jugular Venous Pulse Waveforms from Skin Displacements.

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Non-contact Quantification of Jugular Venous Pulse Waveforms from Skin Displacements.

Sci Rep. 2018 Nov 22;8(1):17236

Authors: Lam Po Tang EJ, HajiRassouliha A, Nash MP, Nielsen PMF, Taberner AJ, Cakmak YO

The jugular venous (JV) pressure waveform is a non-invasive, proven indicator of cardiovascular disease. Conventional clinical methods for assessing these waveforms are often overlooked because they require specialised expertise, and are invasive and expensive to implement. Recently, image-based methods have been used to quantify JV pulsation waveforms on the skin as an indirect way of estimating the pressure waveforms. However, these existing image-based methods cannot explicitly measure skin deformations and rely on the use of photoplethysmography (PPG) devices for identification of the pulsatile waveforms. As a result, they often have limited accuracy and robustness and are unsuitable in the clinical environment. Here, we propose a technique to directly measure skin deformations caused by the JV pulse using a very accurate subpixel registration algorithm. The method simply requires images obtained from the subject's neck using a commodity camera. The results show that our measured waveforms contained all of the essential features of diagnostic JV waveforms in all of 19 healthy subjects tested in this study, indicating a significantly important capability for a potential future diagnostic device. The shape of our measured JV displacement waveforms was validated using waveforms measured with a laser displacement sensor, where the average correlation score between the two waveforms was 0.93 ± 0.05. In addition, synchronously recorded ECG signals were used to verify the timings of diagnostic features of the measured waveforms. To our knowledge, this is the first use of image registration for direct measurement of JV displacement waveforms. Significant advantages of our novel method include the high precision of our measurements, and the ability to use ordinary cameras, such as those in modern mobile phones. These advantages will enable the development of affordable and accessible devices to measure JV waveforms for cardiac diagnostics in the clinical environment. Future devices based on this technology may provide viable options for telemedicine applications, point of care diagnostics, and mobile-based cardiac health monitoring systems.

PMID: 30467407 [PubMed - in process]

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