Software House for eHealth

HumanInsight is a Start Up for the development of the technologies applied to Social Behaviors.

We can now collect and analyze a lot of data in increasingly sophisticated ways. But what would be all these data or this technology without Human Insight?
We are currently used to buy some great items of technology according to the new trend,
and we are used to download an app according to the Brand/App popularity.
Humaninsight usually trust in who say that theise devices or these apps would be the best choice for us.

For just one second have you thought if there is any scientific and ethic study behind these suggestions or sentences?

Right now, while reading these few words you are elaborating in your mind some inputs that will trigger your insight: the Human Insight.

Technology and all related tools can be very important and useful in our life, but they should really be tailored on the final users and more importantly they should consider our wish and psychology in a scientifically method.
What we aim to do, it is simply to improve wellness, health and psycho/social life by using scientific methodology in social behaviors applied to technology of software apps and devices.

Our Projects

HumanInsight รจ una Start Up per lo sviluppo delle tecnologie applicate ai Social Behaviors.